As you are aware acrylic also known as perspex (brand name of acrylic) is commonly used in signage and display products including display cases, decorative shelving, displays, lighting, sight glass and much more, this is due to a number of advantages such as:

  • extensive range of colours
  • easy to machine
  • easy to cut
  • easy to drill
  • easy to polish
  • can also be fabricated and formed

No matter how complex your design we have the time served experience and knowledge to complete you project to a high quality standard meeting your deadlines.

    Our acrylic CNC cutting machines are installed with the latest technology ensuring all your sheets and products are cut efficiently and accurately with a quality to match.
    Engraving acrylic surfaces allows achieving effects like side-lit logos using LEDs, or making parts fit together better.
    Whether you want your project polishing, holes screwing in, radius corners or more, you can be confident we will stick to your instruction to the finest of detail.
    We use heat bending techniques to achieve curved structures using any thickness of acrylic.
    With our Canon Arizona machine, it is possible to print full colour imagery direct to acrylic elements.

Our equipment for working with acrylic fabrication & cutting

  • Anderson Selexx Pro XL CNC router (Max Material size: 3700mm (l) x 2200mm (w) x 80mm (h))
  • Zund G30XL plotter (Max Material size: unlimited length x 2200mm (w) x 50mm (h))
  • Columbus Combitherm Heat forming oven and press
  • Casadei SC 40P Table saw

Examples of our acrylic fabrication & cutting

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