Bespoke bars are very popular at ExhibitCNC we’re able to manufacture for Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Pubs and Night Clubs. We’ll work with your designers to construct a Bespoke Bar which are built to last. Our Bespoke Bars incorporate various materials and processes from Corian and Metal to Acrylic and Lacquers.

Successful bespoke bars depend on careful planning, layout and design. A well-designed bar will improve staff efficiency and productivity, enhance the customer experience and boost profits. Our bespoke elements make bar design quick and simple. Standard modules, in a choice of widths and with a wide range of options, are easy to specify and can be configured to fit most bespoke bar areas.

Bespoke bar tops can be supplied in any waterproof material, acrylic black or white. Special finishes are also available like stainless steel, brass, wood. One feature available on request for our bespoke bars is the illuminated bar top to create an evocative effect for your event.

Examples of our bespoke bars

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