Here at exhibitCnc, we offer a state of the art Cardboard Design and Cutting Service. We have the latest Packz software from Zund, which allows us to create fantastic and unusual 3D packaging, POS, POP Displays, Furniture, etc. This combination of powerful design and production capabilities allows us to offer you the solution to your Cardboard Engineering needs. So whether you’re designing a POS for your latest promotion, or designing Cardboard Furniture for Prisons, we have the perfect solution.

So whether you’re designing a POS for your latest promotion, or designing Cardboard Furniture for Prisons, we have the perfect solution.We can provide anything from Prototyping to Full Production Runs. We’ll gladly work with your design team to create the most cost effective Cardboard solutions.

As cardboard cutting and product producers, we have found that cardboard has a wealth of benefits over other materials such as:

  • High-Speed design and prototyping
  • Lower cost of production
  • Large range of cardboard substrates available.
  • Popular for prototyping
  • Endless design capabilities
  • Eco-friendly
    Once the design has been approved, using specialist cutting tools, the Zund Digital Cutter, processes the sheet cardboard with precision and ease.  We’re able to process cardboard materials up to 50mm thick.
    If additional durability is required, we also provide lamination. Laminating the Card Structure enhances the finish and helps to protect the cardboard from damage and general wear and tear.
    To enhance the Cardboard furniture or Retail display, we can print to our Canon Arizona flatbed printer, which will give you a high quality finish second to none.  The technology and software that we use in both processes mean that from flatbed printing to cutting, it’s virtually seamless.
    All of our standard cardboard products are made from paper, sourced from recycled fibres or managed forests and can be 100% recycled.  Our standard grades of material contain recycled fibres. We believe this makes using cardboard products the best option for an environmentally minded business or organisation to use.

    Like most businesses we recycle all of our office paper and cardboard waste, not only are we helping save the environment and reducing our carbon footprint we are also helping to fuel the packaging industry with raw material for new products.

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