MDF also known as medium-density fiberboard is inexpensive, durable, and a good choice for many woodworking and carpentry projects. When a project calls for painted trim, we almost always advise to use MDF. MDF is mostly used for internal use applications, in part due to its poor moisture resistance.

The Advantages of using MDF include:

  • MDF is dense flat
  • MDF is very stiff
  • Has no knot
  • Easily machined
  • Because it is made up of fine particles it does not have an easily recognisable surface grain.
  • MDF can be painted to produce a smooth quality surface.
  • MDF has no grain it can be cut, drilled, machined and filed without damaging the surface.
  • MDF may be dowelled together and traditional woodwork joints may even be cut.
  • MDF may be glued together with PVA wood glue.
  • Oil, water-based paints and varnishes may be used on MDF.
  • Veneers and laminates may also be used to finish MDF

From the many uses of mdf our customers most common uses are Doors, Exterior Rails and Balustrades, Exterior Stairs, External Cladding, Fencing, Framing, Interior Rails and Balustrades, Interior Stairs, Internal Paneling, Retaining Walls (Landscaping), Temporary walling and much more.

No matter how complex your design we have the time served experience and knowledge to complete you project to a high-quality standard meeting your deadlines.

    Once the design has been approved, using specialist cutting tools, the Zund Digital Cutter, processes the POS ?POP product with precision and ease.  We’re able to process cardboard materials up to 50mm thick.
    Engraving a logo or a brand into an aluminium structure can be achieved with our Zund computerised cutter.
    The finish of the MDF is important because it matters how paint and lacquer will be applied.
    If you require alternative colours, we work very closely with a specialist powder coating contractor who will work to your exact colour requirements or RAL Number.
    If additional durability is required, we provide lamination. Laminating the Card Structure enhances the finish and helps to protect your products from damage and general wear and tare.
    To enhance POS/POP products, we can print to our Canon Arizona flatbed printer, which will give you a high quality finish second to none.  The technology and software that we use in both processes mean that from flat-bed printing to cutting it’s virtually seamless.

Our equipment for working with MDF Fabrication & Cutting

  • Anderson Selexx Pro XL CNC router (Max Material size: 3700mm (l) x 2200mm (w) x 80mm (h))
  • Zund G30XL plotter (Max Material size: unlimited length x 2200mm (w) x 50mm (h))
  • Columbus Combitherm Heat forming oven and press
  • Casadei SC 40P Table saw

Examples of our MDF Fabrication & Cutting

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