Plywood is made from layers of solid timber veneer that are usually about 3 millimetres thick. Because it is made in layers it is incredibly strong but also light in weight.

Plywood is generally used as a more affordable option to solid timber or as an alternate to other manufactured boards. Plywood is used for products such as desks, furniture, wood panelling and some flooring applications. some of the known  advantages of plywood include:

  • Very strong
  • Light
  • Resists cracking, bending, warping, and shrinkage
  • Can be made from most timbers to increase aesthetics
  • Good for wood panelling
  • Shapes can be cut and started on any section of plywood
  • Plywood can change and retain shape very easily

The most popular plywood types include:

  • Birch ply. This makes up about 80% of all the ply. It is a light coloured ply with little or no knots. Comes in various quality grades. Commonly used in furniture and when you need better quality than Far Eastern Ply.
  • Standard Far Eastern Hardwood ply. The most common type seen in DIY retail stores. Quality not great but OK for general applications.
  • Wisa Spruce Ply – A quality softwood ply. Has a knotty surface, not great for damp environment but OK for general use.
  • Marine Ply. Looks similar to Far Eastern Ply but has little or no voids in the laminates and uses better wood and glue grades. The most expensive standard plywood.
  • Laminated Plys. Birch ply with various plastic surface laminates can be also cut comes in different colours.
    We have many years of experience working with different types of plywood. So over the years, we have perfected our skill in CNC cutting the different varieties and thicknesses.
    Engraved Logo’s or branding into plywood can give a very organic yet modern look. Because the process is digitally controlled, it looks extremely precise and detailed event close-up.
    Just like the MDF materials, plywood can be given a clean and tidy finish prior to applying any coats of lacquer or applying a print process.
    Laminating plywood offers great weather protection. We offer a quick and cost-effective service as part of our manufacturing process or stand-alone.
    We have modern, up-top-date machinery for shaping plywood for things like items of furniture, reception counters and anything else that might need an organic and beautiful looking curved surfaces.
    Plywood is a perfect surface to print onto directly using our Canon OCE large format machine.

Our equipment for working with corian fabrication & cutting

  • Anderson Selexx Pro XL CNC router (Max Material size: 3700mm (l) x 2200mm (w) x 80mm (h))
  • Zund G30XL plotter (Max Material size: unlimited length x 2200mm (w) x 50mm (h))
  • Columbus Combitherm Heat forming oven and press
  • Casadei SC 40P Table saw

Examples of our plywood fabrication & cutting

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